In the Press - Google complying with EU order in shopping case, says EU's Vestager

22 May 2019
European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said the measure appeared to be working.“Now we are in a situation where in 75 percent of queries there would be at least one rival to Google in the shopping box and 40 per cent of clicks would go to a merchant hosted by one of the rivals,” Vestager told reporters on the sidelines of a Centre for European Reform event. “This means we do not have a non-compliance case but at the same time also means that we keep monitoring monthly developments,” she added.

In the Press - Immigration about turn

22 May 2019
The Financial Times
Sam Lowe at the CER calls on the next post-Brexit UK government to seriously rethink its approach to immigration or risk indelibly damaging its roaring service sector. 

In the Press - Elections set to quantify rise of populism in Europe

21 May 2019
RTE News
"This reflects a more general trend that we used to see at the national level, which is now happening at the European level" says Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, a senior research fellow with the Centre for European Reform (CER)."The general public is no longer voting for the same parties their entire lives, the links between class, education and your political affiliations is less obvious.  People are voting for different movements, very often for movements which have a one issue manifesto."

In the Press - EU parliament's €114m-a-year move to Strasbourg 'a waste of money', but will it ever be scrapped?

20 May 2019
"The biggest obstacle is the French government," said Camino Mortera-Martinez, a senior research fellow for EU justice and home affairs at the Centre for European Reform.

In the Press - Too much has been sacrificed to allow Brexit to destroy Europe’s unity

19 May 2019
The Guardian
Indeed, that well-informed commentator on Europe, Charles Grant, reports in a bulletin from the Centre for European Reform entitled The Brussels View of Brexit that Michel Barnier, leader of the European commission’s negotiating team, is so exasperated, along with President Macron himself, that the French are now in the “we are better off without the British” camp. They wanted a short extension of the article 50 deadline because “the British would not work out what they wanted unless faced with the precipice of a no-deal exit”.

In the Press - European elections will gauge the power of populism

19 May 2019
The New York Times
Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, a senior research fellow with the Centre for European Reform in Brussels, said the Austria scandal is timely ammunition for those who warn that many populist parties are deeply compromised by their ties to Mr Putin. “It emboldens those who question the populists’ good intentions and who call for greater transparency in the way these parties have been funded and investigations into their links to Russia,” she said.

In the Press - The hidden perils of a trade deal with Trump

17 May 2019
Trump could insist we lower food standards—the source of panicked headlines about chlorinated chicken. Sam Lowe at the Centre for European Reform confirmed we could be asked to “remove existing bans on certain food products.” 

In the Press - Are we on the verge of committing an extraordinary act of self-harm?

17 May 2019
The Telegraph
In an area like food hygiene, explains Sam Lowe at the Centre for European Reform, the UK cannot benefit from the absence of checks to food exports to Switzerland and Norway. They will be subject to the same full border inspections as the EU is demanding in the event of a ‘no deal’. “The Swiss and Norway agreements could only be bare bones in a ‘no deal’ world since so much is dependent on the EU-UK relationship. It was pitched as a ‘we’ve done it’, when in reality it’s only the start of a process,” he tells me.

In the Press - Scrap the veto

16 May 2019
The Financial Times
Leonard Schuette at the Centre for European Reform makes the case for majority voting in EU foreign policy on sanctions and human rights issues. 

In the Press - The Brussels view of Brexit

15 May 2019
The Financial Times
“The EU is no longer as united as it was on how to handle the British. But just about everyone working on Brexit in the EU’s institutions and governments is fed up with them, and they do not believe that Britain’s politicians are capable of getting their act together and resolving the problem. Many people in Brussels expect a further extension of Article 50, well into 2020.” (Charles Grant, Centre for European Reform)

In the Press - Brexit from Brussels

15 May 2019
Financial Times
UK Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins is in Brussels for day two of talks with the EU, this time with his commission counterpart Sabine Weyand. Charles Grant at the CER lays out how some of the EU27’s unity is cracking but exasperation with the Brits is undiminished: “The conduct of the British political class has eroded much of the goodwill that European politicians and officials felt towards the UK. If the British wish to avoid no deal by asking for further extensions they should avoid losing the remaining goodwill that still lingers in certain capitals.”