Sam Lowe

Sam Lowe

Senior research fellow
Areas of expertise 

International trade, European trade policy, rules of origin, the single market, Brexit, environmental co-operation, investor-state dispute settlement.


BBC Radio 4 - Today programme: White paper - goods and services post-Brexit

13 July 2018
Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform spoke to the Today Programme about the implications of the governments' white paper on goods and service post-Brexit (from 15:00 mins).

CER podcast: A guide to the White Paper

13 July 2018
Beth Oppenheim asks Sam Lowe about the UK government's recent White Paper on Brexit, and whether it stands any chance of being accepted by the EU.

CNBC: Hard to see who would replace UK Prime Minister Theresa May

09 July 2018
The European Union is waiting for someone concrete to negotiate with, says Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform.

The first coherent Brexit plan that Britain has produced... the EU will never agree to it

The Times
06 July 2018
On Thursday The Times obtained a draft of Theresa May’s plan for Brexit. Sam Lowe, of the Centre for European Reform, analyses the prime minister’s preferred way forward.

Parliament Live: EU External Affairs Sub-Committee

05 July 2018
Sam Lowe (from 10.05 mins), a research fellow at the Centre for European Reform along with Susan Morley and Joseph Owen gave evidence on post-Brexit customs proposals.

BBC Radio 4 - Today programme: British trade post-Brexit

03 July 2018
Sam Lowe a research fellow at the Centre for European Reform spoke to the Today programme (from 56.15 mins) about the unknown costs British companies face after Brexit. If the government gave firms Brexit advice it could be seen as acknowledgement of costs from leaving EU “but that’s not a reason not’s due diligence. A responsible government would be taking this a lot more seriously” .

Aljazeera: As EU slaps tariffs on US, has world trade war become inevitable?

22 June 2018
The EU has imposed tariffs on a wide range of US goods in response to American duties on steel and aluminium, Sam Lowe a research fellow at the Centre for European Reform speaks to Aljazeera 'Inside story' to discuss tariffs, trade wars and Trump.

A potential Brexit landing point moves slowly into view?

21 June 2018
Something like single market membership for goods would go a way to solving the Irish issue.

CER Bulletin podcast: Transatlantic relationship; Brexit and financial services; UK-EU defence negotiations

14 June 2018
CER researchers brief podcast listeners on three of the most important topics for Europe this month. 

The Guardian - Politics Weekly podcast: Grenfell memorial, Brexit brinkmanship and open Scotland

14 June 2018
After a dramatic week of Brexit brinkmanship in the Commons, what has actually changed? As Tory rebels and Brexiters both claim the other side blinked first, our expert panel will fill you in on what really happened – and what comes next. Joining Pippa Crerar this week are our political correspondent Jessica Elgot, Allie Renison from the Institute of Directors and Sam Lowe from the Centre for European Reform.